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Expedite Shipping With the Right Declaration Forms

Our team at Baseline Forwarding Ltd. is here to streamline your shipping process. We provide Vancouver, British Columbia, businesses and companies nationwide with the global transportation documents to efficiently prepare for the shipping and transportation process.

Customs Invoice

The Customs Invoice document is required by customs. It should include detailed information about your shipment.

Business Consent Form

Use the Business Consent Form to consent to the release of confidential information about your Business Number (BN) account(s) to the representative named in the form, or to cancel consent for an existing representative.

Certificate of Origin

The Certificate of Origin form is an international trade document that attests to the credibility of your shipment. It is a common export document.

Loading a Truck

Export Declaration

Provide information about the amount, nature, and value of your exports by completing an Export Declaration document. Review the export declaration form or consult with us to learn more.

Air ULD Specifications

Get all of the necessary information you need to transport AKE containers, AAF containers, AAP containers, and MKN/RKN containers. Please reference the Air ULD Specifications for more information.

Sea Container Specifications

Learn about the difference between various cargo containers by referencing the Sea Container Specifications document. Please contact us for more details. Different type of containers include:

• 20', 40', 40'HC & 45'HC Dry Cargo units
• 20' & 40' Refrigerated units
• 20', 40' soft & hard Open Top units
• 20', 40' Flat Rack & flat deck units

Informative Links

We are happy to provide you with some additional information to help you complete shipping documents properly. These links may also help:

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